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The Social Blog with Nikon at The NAB Show.

The Insight to going to the Nab Show can help Improve your Video Productions to Audio. One can learn everything he or she needs to learn on what needs to be Successful on Podcasting as well as Blogging!

My Partner The Socialite DJ hasn’t just Improve on the production of her show called Traveling Kicks Which is becoming very well known and becoming one of the most sought out Independent show’s emerging from Las Vegas! But don’t take my word for it, she is my partner and well I have nothing but love for as well! She has become more than just some DJ, she has involved into a Radio Personality Dj on the rise! Traveling Kicks popularity is growing worldwide everyday. Here is one of her shows that she show cased. I believe The Nab Show was a great start for her. I believe its also a great starting point for anyone who is Blogging or becoming a Journalist on some kind level!

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