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The Moment We Where Becoming , ( From Protesting Covid for Beach rights to Police Brutality) Normal Once More…, Yet Still Different.

Thing’s are becoming more of the norm than it was yesterday. While other things are becoming anew due to the new Life styles of Society. Protesting is The Thing to do on a everyday moment.Like Breathing and Drinking water for ones Health.Is it though ? Is this over due or over rated ?

Its a good question is you ask me. I believe its something we all need to be thinking about. I love Blogging about alot of different topic’s from Products’s to People. Sometimes just about my thoughts and feeling’s which you can tune into more of that on Coffee Grounds

But on the real, alot of protesting is happening from the covid of people just wanting to to just go the Beach.

Other’s just wanting to go back to the Bars and Salon.

Then there is the Black Lives Matter Movement which has taken over the Globe.

It’s Growing by thousands everyday and it seems to be not stopping anytime.

I don’t know what is going to happen, But from the recent past protesting of Police Brutatily. This Movement of Protesting is different ,very different. It isnt Just a Black Thing this time, there are People from every ethnic back ground protsting from across the World. From Japan , Germany , London , and more.

I just have one question, when will it stop ? or is this the world we live in now? Im not going to say who is right or wrong. Im just asking what is next ? Am I going to be part of this new movement or be forgotten?

I mean is this a new way to do things? Im not saying the Police are Innocent, but things are getting out of hand. It would seem the people are done being bullied of such ways from the police. I dont know where the protesters are coming from? But they are growing and growing everyday. Just when I thought things was about to get back to normal form the covid virus.

What has happen is way out of control. Maybe I am being selfish, I just wanted to go back to blogging and photo shoots! I love doing this for a living and hey even if i got a few djing gigs too !! That would be brilliant as well and Im not picky at all !!

Yes , very bad things happen , Im trying to understand all this Protesting and shit. But whats Important to me is the fact , will all this cahnge ? Is this going to make real difference ? I like to think so it will on some level.I also hope that everyone will win, I really do mean everyone. I dont know how much more I can take this Negativity spreading around the Globe. Until The next Blog.

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