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The Blogger has a Moment Creativity In Wood Art at Kirbys Custom Carvings ( Big Bear Lake )

It”s was a Moment of aweness witnessing such craftsmanship of priceless of Wood Art at Kirbys Custom Cravings. They specialize in custom creations and signs. Master’s at craving wood into masterful creations! Using a chainsaw as the tool of choice! I never thought In my life time i get to see such a feature done in person!

What I found out about Big Bear Carvings, aka Kirby’s Custom Carvings, is a world premier full-service wood carving facility nestled in the pristine wilderness of Big Bear Lake, California.
A four-seasons international tourist destination, Big Bear Carvings stocks a huge inventory of wood carved sculptures from several of the wold’s top carvers, including Ken Braun  and local carver and owner of Big Bear Carvings, Kirby Craig.Big Bear Carvings hosts international guest carvers delivering our clients and community an experience one cannot find on every street corner. They are ready to create whatever you can dream up. But, don’t worry. They also have a full line of customized production art to suit any taste.

Kirbys Customs Cravings

They have got big bears, little bears, fat bears, skinny bears! They also make wood signs, benches, yard art, and everything in between for the tourist souvenir or serious art collector looking for a spectacular unique piece to round out any collection.In keeping with the Big Bear wood carving tradition, anyone will likely find at least one carving apprentice working in the yard and learning the age old craft of chainsaw wood carving. Kirby is passionate about working together to build the art form.

I was Blown away from witnessing everything I seen there , I plan on going back hopefully with Interviews and great photo’s that no one has taken ! Let’s Just say things are in the works !! Until next Blog ..Keep Surfing The Web,, I will keep the Blogging coming!

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