From Point A to point B ( Becoimng a Professioal Blogger )

Evolving into photojournalism. Then just becoming into the talk radio world which included me becoming a Dj! But to be part of the world these days, Bloggers and blogs are spreading and conquering the media industry. There are so many ways’ for a blog or blogger to be successful Being a Blogger is something I never consider, due to me considering on the journalism side. Yet I made the move and thus began to learn a lot more about blogs and what it meant to be a successful blogger.


My Sharing

I will be sharing my knowledge on those tips and advice. By those blogs and bloggers who are doing just that! I myself know there are countless of different styles of blogging. Those who also call themselves Bloggers as well know anything can be a blog! You the blogger must figure out what you are going to blog about. The moment then is to go into will it make you the income you so desire.


What I do Know

I know how to help and give you the right insight and the path you need to take. There is a lot of way’s one can go into blogging such one way is to work with Ads Agencies. Some prefer to use AdSense which a lot of bloggers use for their blogs. I haven’t heard any of them making millions yet lol. But I have heard of blogs and Bloggers becoming wealthy off of hard work and good marketing.



With some Great Writing and out of the box Creativity. Whatever you desire to blog about must be the straight focus point of all your blogs. Blogs must have a driven point for readers and such. A lot of websites never get the readers or clientele due to the lack of the right content.

what does it takes to become a Professional Blogger ?

Becoming a Professional Blogger means one can draw the readers and sponsors to one's blog.