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One Of The Very Best Photographer’s In Sin City Douglas Williams of Kandie Photography!

Kandie Photography Capture’s The Real You,The Best You, The One You See, . Kandie Photography Capture’s That Essence of oneself. Who is this Photographer behind Kandie Photography? Well first I have to admit I have only seen a few who can shoot Like Kandie Photography. I was shocked by his style and presence on who he works with as well as how he shoots.He does not see photo shoots in one dimensional rules on shooting a project. Its not in his training to do so .

He is coming at all angles and view points. Douglas Williams is the master mind behind Lush Photography ( I gave his style of photography a name) In His his own words ”Don’t compromise the quality of your taste in what you love and want. I do the same when i shoot go behind a camera.”-Douglas Williams. He is about producing a image that is one-of-kind to the client.

I have to say I will be be covering more of Kandie Photography and deeper into the world of Kandie Photography. See the Behind the Lens and Camera. See the Artists at work as well see how he Blends between Humanity and Sexuality and Combines Both into One-of -a- Kind At Pieces. The Crazy Part is that He has not have had a Showing at a Gallery yet . But then again , I did say not yet .I believe in due time , truth is Douglas like any creative artist has just been doing that creating Art. More to come About Kandie Photography

Douglas Williams

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