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Ok, So What That Captain America is Worthy ..But You Ladies and Gents seem to be forgetting about One Important Thing.

What the Freaking crazy nuts happen to Thor’s Hammer when Captain America goes back one last time to stay and live his life in the past ? I’m mean come one people aren’t you just like saying what the bloody fuck nuts ? Just little bit and shit ? I mean beside the hero’s cussing and Papa Beer Bear Thor . I can’t believe I’m the only one on this planet saying , umm dudes Captain America just the falcon the shield ( which was Dopeness ) but what about the Hammer ?

Seriously maybe I’m just way to far and deep in the Bucky rabbit hole thingy, but damn! The Hammer of the mighty Thor went back in time with The Captain, and when he showed back up in time and shit. He just gave The Falcon the shield. I be like cool Cap umm the Hammmer SIr ?

Just saying isn’t that something like whoa and fucking Odin’s bread , he didn’t give or bring back Thor’s Hammer . I’m just saying that’s pretty important isn’t it ? Well I hope someone give me some closure on this !

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