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” No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent”

I have come to believe that you get in Life what you have courage to reach out for and put in the work for it! Reason Why I have come to the Idealism that I must blog everyday and constantly think about what my next blog will be about. What’s the point of being a Blogger If I am not Writing a Blog or two a Day?
One to start a Blog must be ready to simply write , to have a successful Blog though ? That’s a different story I think in my Opinion. One must transmit Stories or Articles ,of what He or She is Writing from anywhere in the World! The Reader’s must be drawn to what The Writer is Writing about.

Blogger are the New Heroes of the World of Info! Which is the Interworld of Era of Social Media!Which has given flight of New Styles of Writing and Writer’s.The Front World of Journalism has change due to that as well a PhotoJournalism too!.Social Media has given the Seeker’s and Reader’s more to seek and view! The old school of Journalism has become just part of the New World Media.You Now have more point of views and critics! The Voice’s of many are rising about what they think of those who think lol! Such as myself , Here I am sitting at my favorite Einsteins Bros Bagels Spot while working on my next Blog.Enjoying my Favorite Brew and searching the CYBERSPACE for the next Big Story!I Have so many ways now to do my blogs from Writing , or simple sentence or by video streaming! I sometimes do all three! Think about one can Write about a Topic and say if He or she is going to movies with his or her date in the same Article. There are those of the old and tradition style of writing or Reporting. I would like to think I have adapted all of the above and well have my own style lol. I like to leave a positive message throughout my writings. No matter what I am Writing about,but that’s just me though. My Newsroom is my Spot of the day where i decide to write from! Even when I want to just bitch about how easily it seems for my ex!She seems have just easily decided to move onward into dating without a fucking thought about my feelings! And as I mention that I go back and forth. into what it takes to make a Successful Blog. Also mention about great marketing connections for ones Blogs.

Yeah Social Media has changed everything and if one wants to be successful in it.One must
adapt to the New World Of Media
But The Best Advice About Blogging
”One Must to be a Blogger!”

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