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HighLights of a Great Marketer

First have you seen or heard of the Marketing firm or Agency to wants you to pay them to do what your suppose to be doing already ? Does the Marketer or Agency out market you ? Something to really think about before you go starting spending money. That you might need not to do , Marketing latest version on has a new motion.Its not complicated at all , nor hard for anyone to figure out. The new motion of marketing version is one must simply out market its competitors. Also strategically make plans on how to stay ahead of others.

When one can stay ahead of others , better even have other’s copy ones style and work.When You are the very first of what your doing , well its a challenge to grow!But when others start to follow your style , well use it to your advantage.I have actually got more support and a stronger following due to other’s following my path lol. Crazy part I didn’t even notice until a few reader’s and supporter’s point it out lol. I wasn’t upset at all , it just proved I knew what the fuck I am doing lol.Plus also shows the Ladies and Gents with the money I’m worth it! Which is actually happening for myself and my partner TheSocialiteDj . The people who are coping my style just proves to my Sponsors and Supporters , my competitors have no skills and originality or well knowledge on how to move forward. So guess who they are going to hire?

I love Blogging , Photography , as well doing Talk Radio. As well with what many are calling Vlogging and of course the Marketing that comes with it. I live for it , and yeah being The Blogger is freaking Brilliant! I was why I am sharing my secrets.Funny there is no secrets to working hard and pushing forward.I truth I need to thank those who spoke false and lied about me. It was them who made me get focused. Crazy part the more lies that came about me , the more popular my work was sought out lol.

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