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George R.R. Martin Brings Reality to Fantasy !

One of my favorite Gents doing his thing on GOT ..Talking Thrones! show him some love!

I’m Calling George R.R. Martin master of Bringing Reality to into Fantasy. As Many of Game of Throne fans are feeling disappointed in the Killing of the Night King. Some are asking why the big hype of the Knight King and all this plot of the dead coming just have him stop with just a dagger.

First all Ladies and Gents this is Mother Fucking King of The Dead, with thousands of dead warriors and giants and a flying dead Dragon.

I would have been like what the fuck, I’m going to the other side of the globe you white people are Crazy !!! lol. Back to what I’m talking about Killing the Night King. He gave so many reasons why he wouldn’t fight Jon Snow Living v The Dead. why not?

The Night King didn’t have to lol . Simply Jon snow was not on his level . Not all , think about it , who was the Night king going after? It would have to take darkness to snuff out darkness.Only one person who is truly connected to darkness as Night King.

My Bro of the Talking Thrones understood the fall of the Night King. I actually think Jon Snow was just the messenger. Or at least the bringer of getting everyone together nothing more than when dealing with the Night King. But The Night King did give hints about how he would fight Jon Snow. Think about Ladies and Gents! He did that hand rise thingy and Jon Snow was all like ” FUCK HERE COMES HIS BOYS! ” The dead by the hundreds would be attacking Jon snow every time they meet.

So come one people did you really think The Night King would change this? He simply didn’t have to, Jon Snow was simply beneath The Night King. He wants the Third eye Raven, due to the fact he knew that kid would become not just his equal, but his rival.

So in my thoughts, I was like its got to be The Mother Of Dragons. But then again I was like no, it can’t be, not now knowing how easy it was for The Night King to kill just one of those Dragons and then raise to become one the dead.

So it Makes sense why it was Arya Stark, and why it was always going to have to be her. Basically, Death against Darkness was the only answer. So enough of the fantasy part, let’s get into the Reality of Fantasy part of Game of Thrones. Well, at least whats Reality in the World of Games of Thrones.

I just simply Love this Woman Voice give some love to GrayArea

The reality of Games of Thrones IS like a tragedy such as 911 was to everyone in the United States, everyone comes together and then cry and pray and such.

Then after maybe a few days later or even a week or two. What Happen? Life goes back to being what it is, people fucking each over each other. the Dead is gone, so is the lost, in Games of Thrones get back into what it was always about, Winning at whatever cost. Fuck honor, fuck what just happen, let us get back course we are at war!

Fans of Games of Thrones were forgotten what this the GOT is about lol. The Night King was just in the way, like a really really bad situation in life. , Like Arya Stark breaking the Storm Heart, give him some ass and even a little kiss, after he says he loves and ask to be his lady.

(Brah? come on !!! ) Be happy she gave you some BOOTY! she ain’t no lady. well, maybe the Lady of Darkness!!. But look the world of Games of Thrones is back to being what it was always about. Fucking shit up and taking what they want. Breaking hearts and destroying dreams.

Sadly enough if you look into this deeper, people come and go, whats success for You Ladies and Gents? what are you willing to do to get to it? Anyway, in the World of Games of Throne. The Lovers Breaks Hearts and The honor Fall quick, and The Hateful Fuck shit up and get fucked up hard as well and The Wickedest Wins. Much Love and Respect ! Until the next Journey!

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