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That what I have always heard throughout my life Career choices.Which is the words that Driven me to push harder everyday.Reason’s why I have come to the terms in my life choices I know I’m going to have no one to be there for me in the worst of times but God , Yeah I see God always Being there for me. Still It would be nice to have someone there to be with me when I have finally finished a successful Dj gig or had a great interview for my show Coffee Grounds . Facebook URL

Coffee Grounds Brews at the NAB Show and JCK Event

Mr.BlackTie of Freedom Mercado of Coffee Grounds Goes to The Jck Jewelry Convention Mandalay Bay about ring and Things with The Socialite DJ and Interview with Sound Master John Elwoos ( won a Emmy for Audio and Engineering !) Look HIm him hes work with the very best …!

Posted by Las Vegas Radio NewsPaper on Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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Yet it would seem that isn’t going to happen anytime soon lol. For Professionals Only , is the words that rings through my thoughts even when i think my mind has gone into sweet bliss while drinking a great cup of starbucks finest. I hear softly flowing through my brain For Professionals Only.Which means for me the pressure to Capture once in a lifetime moments.Make freaking sense right , damn I do call myself The Blogger and therefore For I am RIGHT ??? but still I need to establish a reliable transmission of words and photos that can seen by the those who absorb the information that comes forth.From either from my Camera , Talk Radio , Video , or Blog .

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The most important part of all that how will those who hear or see , or read take it all in ? Will they ? or Won’t They ? These things come in thoughts due to my Career choice. I like to get paid doing this lol.Who wouldn’t want to get paid for what they love to do ? See in this world of Blogging and vlogs as most is calling it that now. You don’t get people attention off of cheap products.So that means ones Audio most sound sharp , ones Show must be crisp! Beside one’s Image must reflect one’s personality and show of course! People needs to be able to feel a connection between them and you.Not everyone is going to just connect with you or your dream.But there are ways to get them to!

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Or at least simply check out what your doing.Which means you have to become more in tune in what your doing.Which is where the words come into making sense.For Professionals Only , means to me to get serious on what I am doing. I need to to figure out what is my network and viewer’s are wanting!From hearing , seeing or reading ,it’s up to me to become more professional at it.Let’s be frank about all this , the more Professional I get.The more I’m going to get from those who tune into me.Such as Sponsors and Supporters .Those who follow me as in my Vlog’s as Well those tuning into my talk radio show or just simply reading my blogs!

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So that’s simply what I am doing , getting those words Infused in my Brain Cells.For Professionals Only, reason why I am so Serious about this Blogging. I’m The Blogger , For I am . Much Love and Respect Ladies and Gents enjoy my Latests Show of Coffee Grounds and If you want to get to the Blogger side of me check out also on LasVegasRadioNewsPaper

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