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The Blogger Focus

You could call this "Bloggers philosophy" or "Blogs Vision". This is the place to talk about what drives you and your blogs and what's unique about you being a blogger. What you write here should be creative and interesting about your blogs that sets it apart from other blogs in the same industry.

The Blogger

Every business has a beginning, and this is mine! I have had the passion to not just create blogs of something new. That has remained popular to talk about but blogging has been a tool for my DJing career as well for my photography. I have been very blessed in this so much. That I have created several websites that serve as my outlets separately for what I do for a living.

For I am

 It's a human thing. To want to share one's life or experiences and its a blessing to be able to make it a career to do so. Being a writer or musician. For me, I'm a writer as well as DJ. I have so much to write about I have chosen only a few styles that I have chosen to make it a career. From doing fashion editorials to coffee reviews! I even have a Personal one that's just where I let my thoughts and rants free flow out to the public.


Sir Of Fashion

Is Where I Blog about Fashion and Photography http://www.siroffashion.com

Fashionably Late, But always on point!

Coffee Grounds

was my starting Point of it all for Talk Radio as well for Djing!  http://www.coffeegroundsinc.com

A Mans Journey


My Personal insights from my thoughts and opinions as well Professional on how I feel about Blogging. http://www.LasVegasRadioNewsPaper.com

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