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A Moment in Las Vegas Fashion Week !

Fashion Show at Cmxx

I was asked what going on with the Las Vegas Radio Newspaper crew . honestly I don’t know lol. I just hoping of the best for everyone who has the dream yah know? Also I was asked what did i do for Vegas Fashion week. Well here is a few things that I covered some was a day before Fashion week as well ! It’s not in details , that’s being worked on as well ! But here are a few things that happen ..more in details promise Later lol ,

Very Moda at ASD Market

Yeah I had a very crazy moment at ASD Market , more on that later though . I got to meet a brilliant model name Heather , I wont be surprised one to see her cover’s of Fashion Magazines on day! I also had minute to get insights of Very Moda ! coming up soon!

Next I meet Make up Sensation Kartel Glam actually I had the opportunity to see this awesome behind the scenes of what they do!

She is working with the very best ! see more at KartelGlam
at project

I meet some very cool peeps and well things are happening for The Blogger and a’lot has went down since this. My life has changed once more lol ( yeah I know ) anyway as I said more in details in later Blogs ! Much love and Respect! Until Next Blog , You keep Surfing the Web and I’ll Keep Blogging!

Much Respect and Love to Starter

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