The Blogger Editorial

It’s an idea I have wanted for a good moment. To be able to help others to do what they love to do. For Me I created My Own Zine Called Coffee Grounds. Which it started as a four page Newsletter’s. Then it begin a ten minute talk video show and then into Talk Radio!

Welcome To The Blogger !

The biggest questions for a blogger is, What’re you known for? Who likes you? What’s your number one competitive advantage of your blog?

Include all the things that make your blogs unique and better than the competition. Understand every blogger and blogs that’s not yours is competition! If it isn’t then you won’t be making this a full-time job lol. I’m a blogger full time. Due to that, I’m always trying to be one step ahead of everyone. Just anyone in the music industry or in sports. I want to do this for a living. So it’s always good to know what others are writing about! Besides that, here I give tips and advice on how to make an Income in blogging to live off! Number one thing a  blogger or blog needs is to have a strong following! Then one can start going for sponsors!


This Journey so Far has been Long one ! From just one epic situation like the protesting . I never Imagine what is happening now would ever be a issue of today ! So much is moving and Powerful movements That will always be remembered for in everyone souls and spirits. Being a Professional Blogger. I have taken so many photos , meet so many people , done so many interviews.

I have moved forward into becoming more than just a Journalist. No longer than just a Photographer behind the lens. I have done talk radio since my early teens. I have always liked Talk Radio, Reason Why I kept pushing doing Caffeine Radio , Fashion Radio. Producing my own Radio station just made sense. Of course running someone else’s Station. That change’s everything in so many levels. Which just Happen on June 21 2020 for Freedom Mercado aka me lol .

The View of a Ceo

Which I became the Ceo of HeartBeat Radio and in just another day after my Birthday my life is totally different than it ever was. For the first time I’m in total control of my Career and Destiny. On a path that isn’t holding me back. Allowing me to be forward on my thoughts and knowledge. So many times I wanted to be part of something Bigger than me. Something that other’s can see the Importance ?

In today’s Society more people are searching for that one opportunity! “Follow your Dream something people say but ” Its an inspirational mainstay, maybe the most commonly expressed inspirational concept ever. It encourages us not to stay content in our safe existence, but to make a leap, to follow the passion that would drive us if we just gave it the chance. The inspirational literature of people saying and talking about of stories of people who left high-paying corporate jobs to teach deep-sea fishing in the Caribbean or to run a bed & breakfast in the Appalachians. These people gave up what, on paper, seemed to be perfect lives to do something that they had never dared think of before, and now are poorer but happier, For the norm many ask why go through the heart ache ? ( Don’t we do that though ?)

In our normal lives dealing with family to being in a relationship. So why not go for your Ideal dream ? The trouble with the exhortation to follow your passion or dream or to find your purpose is that it implies that those of us who are decently content, albeit not particularly passionate about any one thing, or those who are unemployed or underemployed, depressed , raising kids, or otherwise unable to gather enough resources to start off on a new path, are somehow devoid of dreams, passion, or purpose, are even somehow small people: the “sheep,” as I’ve heard us “non-passionate” people called by those who consider themselves to be more “passionate.” about going for the dream. Well Here I am going for my dream, running Two Radio Stations as Its Ceo.

I have always believed if giving the right time and moment. I could run a station on such a grand scale and make that Radio Station such a Global Success. I have meet other’s who have their very own radio stations.Had so many meetings and well let downs. It would seem no one was taking me seriously . So may of you follow my stations you know what I am talking about. Until June 21 , My Birthday I was offered the The Biggest Opportunity ever ! I became The Ceo of not one Radio Station, but two. I’m starting with HeartBeatRadio. Its going to be epic for me and those who I am bring to HeartBeatRadio Listener’s. As Many of you know by now this once more has change. I have been having so many brilliant opportunities. Now as acting Ceo of Faceless Inc tv , Blogging and Radio! With a Bigger staff and crew , Things will be ready to rock and roll by Officially Oct the 1st ! see more at Much Love and Respect ! Until Next Blog !